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Everything starts somewhere. The Constructive Citizens Forum (CCF) has been created to give the citizens of South Africa from all walks of life a place to meet and the opportunity to engage each other and through constructive debate arrive at conclusions / solutions to our differences and the common hurdles we face as a nation. It is hoped that from humble beginnings we will see Constructive Citizen Forums appearing across the country.

Once all interested parties have met and we have decided on and agreed to the way forward, this page and the entire blog will be updated with topics, news, meeting times, new initiatives and articles by those who become thought leaders through this process. New and socially important categories will be added to the categories as the forum grows and more people involve themselves.

The issues the CCF’s will deal with are those which most affect the stability of family life and the nation as a unit. These include crime, gender equality, racial division, unemployment and job creation, education, service delivery and all the issues you want covered. All you have to do is involve yourself.

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  1. Mahadi Miya · ·

    We all have a responsibility to raise awareness about rehabilitation of people who have served a prison sentence. When they are done, they come back to become part of our society. They do not go and stay in some remote place alone, so we need to reconnect with them and work with them. Some of them have critical skills that can be used within the society. I admire those who come back with the mindset of starting businesses, it is a necessity for them to lead productive lives. The criminal record bars them from being employed in many instances, and this increases the risk of making ex-convicts to survive in unsavoury ways. When they start to live shady lives the likelihood of going back to prison becomes greater. And that, is not solving any of our problems.


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