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Social Work & Security In The Prison Context

Social Work & Security In The Prison Context The role of the security officer and the social worker need to be revisited and redefined. Social Welfare in South Africa should be the custodian of the incarceration system. Security is there to create an environment which is conducive to the role of the social worker. I am […]

Would You Do Business with a Killer?

Doing business with a killer? Can you believe in change? If not, then surely you do not believe in the power of people.

Mandatory Sentencing of Cop Killers

Mandatory Sentencing of Cop Killers How do we approach it? When we call for the “lobbying” towards any aim, we should consider the long term effects the things we lobby for will have on society. Recently Yusuf Abramjee (Head of News at Primedia, Second vice president of Crime Stoppers International etc.) tweeted a tweet to […]

Social Cohesion – How?

How Do We Achieve Social Cohesion? Strive to understand before you express Take two people. Each has an opinion and a belief. We all know that changing someone’s mind, no matter how shallow or inaccurately deep, is a task which requires something profound, something which can create a reason for a shift in mindset and […]

Incarceration & The Legacies of Apartheid

The Incarceration System A Tool in Addressing the Legacies which Remain Who can deny that following 49 years of blatant inequality, oppression and suppression of approximately 35 to 40 million people, a nation, there would be legacies which remain following the collapse of Apartheid? Only a fool. BUT… For how long can the current government […]

The Prison System in South Africa

Understanding the Purpose of Incarceration There are many opinions of what the purpose of the prison system is, but at the end of the day, the purpose of incarceration is to transform liabilities into contributors through a process.  HOW this is achieved and through what process are questions to which answers appear to remain elusive […]

Finding Common Purpose | Overcoming Common Hurdles

Constructive Creativity “Take something of the air (an Idea), give it a form and a motivation (Purpose) and use it as a FEASIBLE SOLUTION to an EXISTING problem. This is Constructive Creativity” Finding Common Purpose A South African Journey into the Future So, what do you want to be a part of, the black race, […]