Citizen MeetUps

Constructive Citizen MeetUps

The first Constructive Citizens Meetup will take place at the Sound Peace Chamber (Makhosini) property in President Park in Midrand, Gauteng. A date has yet to be finalised but we are looking at the weekend of 17 November  or 24 November 2012. However, this is not a set date. An appropriate date which will include as many citizens as possible will be set once we can get an idea of how many people want to be involved.

We are looking for up to 100 people who wish to attend a MeetUp over a weekend.

Each person will have the opportunity to introduce the issue to everyone in attendance and a discussion on Crime and Incarceration in South Africa which deals with the effects of crime and the incarceration system on society will be started. The most pertinent and convincing will be decided by those who attend and the most urgent issues raised will receive particular attention at the MeetUps which take place in future.

Accommodation for the entire weekend if you’re going to come from Cape Town or elsewhere can be arranged at R400 incl. breakfast for both nights. Those who are closer can arrive on the day but please let us know that you are coming.

To keep it simple, you’ll need to bring your own food and beverage, but let us know if you’d like braai facilities set up. If you want to arrive in a caravan or stay over in a tent, let us know and everything will be done to accommodate as many of those who wish to participate.

If you have an issue you would like to raise, reason why the issue is a problem which needs to be tackled by a collective mind and you have suggestions or solutions to the issue(s) you raise, please contact us.

Who should attend?

From the outset, the aim of the Citizens Forum is to create a platform where South Africans with opinions, strong arguments and views and can engage one another constructively through debate and arrive at the solutions our society needs to create a cohesive society in touch with not only its history but more importantly, in touch with where we want to go as we move into the future.

If you have identified issues which cause you real concern and have valid reason for your concern then this is the forum to raise it. If you have a solution to the problem or even a suggested solution for the way ahead then this is for you.

If we can identify a problem and give reason why this is a problem and reveal the effects it has on us all as a society then we are only a step away to finding the solution. If you can give reason why a problem is a problem, there will be a solution which can be found through the right processes. We believe the Constructive Citizens Forum is as good a start as any. If you agree. Hook up with us.

Who should not attend?

Whingers. If you have a list of problems you want to raise and no reason which you can qualify through a process of debate this is not for you. While whingers (well, some of them) are a necessary part of society and even play a role in keeping us pro-active, this particular forum does not cater to whingers. This is not a complaints and requests forum.


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